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In February we started dreaming about a pool; we knew we wanted it to be a salt water pool. We spoke to all manner of pool builders and got all kinds of quotes. We began securing financing. We found a company that makes telescoping polycarbon enclosures that will extend our short mountain season from 4 to 8 months. We found a company that uses stainless steel for the walls, a beautiful look and feel. Energy efficiency is an important factor so insulation, a variable speed pump, a heat exchange heater and an led light was added to the design. We’re just a few weeks away to swimming. So exicited!

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totally vegan

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. B!No animals were harmed in the making of this cake. vegancake Check out the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary for a wedding venue!

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Happy Dad’s Day!

fish add-on this week

Wild caught broiled salmon , chipotle glaze, coriander rice, spring vegetables.salmon


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taste of summer

fennel celery salad, toasted pistachio crusted goat cheese, pickled beets. orange supreme

on the new menu. yum.DSCN0663

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mom celebetions

We’re back from a five day celebration of Mom’s 80th birthday. Celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day. Fab new menu, great special, delectable dessets, yummy soups. Serving from 5pm.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Easter specials


grilled lamb chop, fresh mint sauce,
chicken of the woods mushroom risotto;

artichoke agnolotti, basil pinenut pesto,
toasted polenta.

Serving from 5pm. Please join us.

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new menu

Warm weather, new menu. Happy. What would you order?fabulousfood

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come visit!

The Catskills offer an abundance of activities. Camping is a favorite of ours and as much as we love campfire cooking, a night of dining out always fits in the schedule. Kenneth L. Wilson Campground is just  six miles away, Woodland Valley and  Devil’s Tombstone  are short drives away. Get the best of both worlds: dining herebadges and camping there.  Dogs are welcome on the patio.

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