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Easter specials


grilled lamb chop, fresh mint sauce,
chicken of the woods mushroom risotto;

artichoke agnolotti, basil pinenut pesto,
toasted polenta.

Serving from 5pm. Please join us.

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new menu

Warm weather, new menu. Happy. What would you order?fabulousfood

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come visit!

The Catskills offer an abundance of activities. Camping is a favorite of ours and as much as we love campfire cooking, a night of dining out always fits in the schedule. Kenneth L. Wilson Campground is just  six miles away, Woodland Valley and  Devil’s Tombstone  are short drives away. Get the best of both worlds: dining herebadges and camping there.  Dogs are welcome on the patio.

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the last week of $10 specails, truly.

Being calendar challenged, I thought last week was the end of the $10 specials. Not so! Seriously, I can’t keep Peter’s birth day straight.
This week’s $10 specials are:
broccoli quiche, pumpkin, grilled portobello-
braised pork stew, cheddar biscuits-
garlicky chicken, challah bread stuffing.
Plus seasonal menu.
Serving from 5 pm, Thursday through Sunday.DSCN0643

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The seed catalogs started coming earlier than ever, well before Thanksgiving. Each greeted with rousing ‘It’s here!’. Contrary to the  shopping catalogs that were merely glanced through and tossed into the recycle bin, seed and garden catalogs stay around to be poured over again and again. Agonizing over choices with the desire to grow them all, space is limited, so the beds are drawn out on paper, assigned a crop, scratched out, joined with another crop, re-assigned until it seems a garden perfected. Seeds are purchased all before mid- February when the leeks are planted. The excitement of seeds arriving is like getting the presents wanted when one was a kid. Then it’s back to the drawing board with flurry of changes and trips to local garden stores to check out more seeds and bulbs because it’s never perfect. The optimism of a new growing season is the epitome of a new beginning, confident that this year will be the best. Hope is never dampened by drought, heavy rains, weeds, blight, insects, slugs and other thugs.DSCN0619Ultimately it is all about cooking and eating, garden to table, organic & fresh.

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Piece of Cake!

New! Now you can book a room and reserve a table from FB in addition to doing so on our website. Or you could do it old school and give us a call, we’d love to chat. b&r

surefire dad smile

smoked braised pork shanks with bourbon sauce and sage mustardDSCN0344

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rhubarb love

Rhubarb from our kitchen garden made into oatmeal rhubarb crisps with house-made strawberry ice cream DSCN0322


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patio is open

starry sky, perfumed garden, apps and drinks, dinner w/friends and dessert in magical Mt. Tremper2dde6c7c5c78f068122b3b2b0c94c252

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menu add-on

this week cornpuddingmenu add-on- seared scallops, black olive tapenade, red onion agrodolce, corn pudding, spring vegetables

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