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Each year we await the katydid chorus-thinking this will be the year that we’ll notice the first chirp they make. It never happens. Suddenly one night we hear them in full concert and wonder how many nights they’ve been singing. We do recall they typically arrive around the first of August but we noticed them two weeks ago. Everything seems to be off kilter this summer. The magnolia tree kept putting forth blooms all spring and into mid-summer as did the wisteria. I have never had tomatoes from our garden in early July but for this summer. Growing up in Colorado, I had not seen a firefly, or heard  a katydid. The night time cacophony is truly amazing as is the wonder of fireflies.  One night after visiting Peter’s folks in Saugerties, we stopped to watch a field of tall grasses lit with thousands of fireflies. It was a feast for the eyes.

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